hair transplantation course agra

InternationalĀ  Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (IICSAM) has been founded with an Aim to impart basic and advanced knowledge and training about Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Laser, Hair Transplant procedures.

It also aims to give training to Hair Transplant technicians.

As there is a lacunae of proper training in these fields, we have made an effort to provide comprehensive training in this field to all those interested in learning that.

All candidatesĀ  will be required to take a Multiple Choice Question Exams before and after the course

Smart Classes Ā® and Advanced ARS (Automated Response System) will be used for more interactive sessions for all kind of training courses.

All courses start with Exhaustive lectures followed by Live Viewing of Patients undergoing procedures. And in the end there will be Hands-on Training on Models ending with Question (Specially for hair Transpalnt courses) and Answer/Doubts Session.

Upon successful completion the candidates will be presented with a certificate acknowledging their training.

Our Courses

  • hair transplantation course agra

    Certificate Course in Clinical Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine

    Interaction: Introduction to Hair transplantation basic science, history of hair transplantation, Anatomy of scalp and hair, overview of surgery
    practical: observation of procedure

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  • hair transplantation course agra

    Certificate Hands-on Hair Transplant Training Course for Doctors

    Interaction :Hair transplant by FUE method with recipient site preparation and insertion practical: observation of case. learning dissection under microscope

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