Certificate Course in Clinical Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine

hair transplantation course agra

The sessions are as follows

Session- 1
Introduction to aesthetic medicine and
fellowship in aesthetic medicine and clinical cosmetology

Anatomy and physiology
Classification of skin types, ski n appendages

Session- 3
A. Microdermabrasion
Procedure and types
Side effects
B. Chemical  peels
What are peels?
Types of peels – classification
1. According to depth
2. according to chemicals
3. comprehension of each agent- indications , contraindications, mode of application, mechanism of action, increasing the potential, adverse effects
Role of dermascopy in face evaluation and treatment
After care
Home care
Live demonstrations and hands-on

Session- 4
Botulinum toxin
Detailed Anatomy of Face
Mode and duration of action
Regional anaesthesia of face
Side effects
Appropriate doses and dilutions
Safety  and toxicity
Practical applications
Live demonstratons and hands-on

Session- 5
Dermal fillers
Pharmacology and types
Detailed anatomy of face – refresh
Patient selection
Side effects and complications
Practical aspects of dealing in fillers
Live demonstrations and hands - on
Combination therapies

Session- 6
Introduction to lasers
 Principles of lasers
Terminology of lasers
Types of lasers
Uses of Lasers
Patient selection
Patient’s view of lasers
Safety, access and signage

Session 7
Lasers ( continued)
Advanced lasers
Ablative and non ablative lasers , vascular lasers, Q –switched lasers, hair removal lasers
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
Pre laser tips and after care
Skin Rejuvenation
Warts, Moles, Haemangiomas, Varicose veins, Skin Tags, Hair Loss
Management of complications
Practical aspects of laser procurement and usage
Live demonstrations and hands- on

Session- 8
Medical management
Surgical management
Acne scar management
Live demonstration and hands- on

Session- 9
Products and procedures for hair
Products and procedures for skin
Acoustic wave therapy ( x-wave)
Mesotherapy botox
Mesolift, mesoglow and meso sculpt no needle meso
Live demonstrations and hands on

Session- 10
Body contouring and tightening devices
Radiofrequency devices
(mono, bi and tripolar)
Fraxel RF
Ultrasound based devices
Acoustic wave therapy( x wave)
Cellulite reduction

Session- 11
Other related cosmetic procedures
Radiofrequency device used for warts and moles
Thread lift

Session 12
Practical aspects of aesthetic practice
Medico- legal aspect

All Doctors will be required to take a Multiple Choice Question Exams before and after the course
Smart Classes ® and Advanced ARS (Automated Response System) will be used for more interactive sessions

Upon successful completion the Doctors will be presented with a certificate acknowledging their training.

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