Certificate Hands-on Hair Transplant Training Course for Doctors

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Day-1 (lectures)

  • Basic Sciences – Hair & Scalp Anatomy with History of Hair Transplant
  • Male & Female Pattern Hairloss
  • Medical Treatment for Male & Female Pattern Hairloss
  • Consultation
  • Setting up Hair transplant clinic, Basics & Essentials
  • Pre operative Preparation
  • Surgical Planning & Hair – line Designing
  • Anesthesia & Blocks
  • Recipient site preparation & slit formation
  • FUT Technique- Strip Harvesting, Trychophytic closure, Slivering & Graft cutting
  • FUE Technique- punches, FUE machine-basics details, techniques & tips of FUE
  • Graft Preparation, handling & storage
  • Calculating the Follicle Transection Rates
  • Graft Insertion techniques
  • Post operative care
  • Basics of other methods of Hair Hairloss treatment (PRP, laser, stem cells, Mesotherapy)
  • Contraindication for Hair Transplant
  • Instrumentation & magnifying devices
  • Assistant training
  • Ready Made Consent, Instruction sheet & Brochure (Prototypes For all Candidates)
  • Scalp micro pigmentation – indication, technique & limitation


Observation of Live Case

Day 2

  • Hands-On training FUE Case.
  • Participant will be allowed to harvest around 50 grafts each in total. Transection Rates will be calculated for every Individual Participant.

All Doctors will be required to take a Multiple Choice Question Exams after the course Smart Classes ® and Advanced ARS (Automated Response System) will be used for interactive sessions.

Upon completion the Doctors will be presented with a certificate acknowledging their training.

Only Twenty (20) Participants in each Course.

Each Participant should bring his own magnification device.

Working lunch would be provided on all three days

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hair transplant courses india

hair transplant courses india


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