Certificate Hands-on Hair Transplant Training Course for Technician

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Day-1 (Lectures)
The training at IICSAM is designed to cover all the aspects of assistance in hair restoration. This includes:

  1. Introduction to Hair transplantation basic science, history of hair transplantation
  2. Overview of surgery and assistance
  3. Duties of Hair Transplant Technician
  4. Patient Preparation
  5. Pre-operative Check List before Surgery
  6. Disinfection, Sterilization, Inventory 
  7. To look after comfort of patient
  8. Pre Intra and Post Op medication

Graft Preparation in FUT :

  1. Technique
  2. Dissection of Grafts & Slivering
  3. Quality Control and Performance Evaluation
  4. Graft Yield Estimation
  5. Instruments

Grafts in FUE

  1. Proper Graft Handling
  2. Microscopic Evaluation
  3. Calculating the Graft Transection rates
  4. Holding the Graft and Graft placing

Lunch Break

Practical Difficulties for Technicians and their Solutions

  1. Popping of Grafts
  2. Bleeding and Oozing
  3. Graft Sinking
  4. Difficult sites for placement of Graft
  5. Long Hair & its Implications
  6. Lax Tissue
  7. Other problems

Post operative checklist and instructions, follow up
Tea Break
Standardized Photography
Team work

  1. Dividing Tasks in team
  2. Interpersonal Relations
  3. Attitude
  4. Stress Management

All technicians will be required to take a Multiple Choice Question Exams before and after the course
Smart Classes ® and Advanced ARS (Automated Response System) will be used for more interactive sessions

Day-2 Live Viewing of Surgery with Patient Preparation

Day -3 Hands-on Training on Models ending with Question and Answer/Doubts Session

Upon successful completion the technician will be presented with a certificate acknowledging their training.
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