Certificate Course for Laser Technician Training

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IICSAM offers Laser technician training courses with the objective of providing an overview of the laser technology , its objectives and clinical applications. The Training programme will be as follows-
Day- 1
Session- 1

  1. Skin – anatomy and physiology
  2. Classification of skin types
  3. Skin appendages


  1. physics
  2. Effects on human beings
  3. Types of lasers
  4. Safety of equipment, people and patients
  5. Laser controlled areas
  6. Laser Signage
  7. Laser safety eye wear
  8. Laser Hazards and complications

Tea break
Session- 2
Applications of lasers in cosmetic set up

  1. Hair removal laser
  2. Laser skin rejuvenation
  3. Laser tattoo removal
  4. Under eye lasers
  5. Vascular and pigmented lesion removal
  6. Acne scars , wrinkles and hypopigmentation removal
  7. Laser collagen remodeling
  8. Laser peel
  9. Laser resurfacing

Day- 2

Observation and assistance in various laser procedures conducted at the centre. Demonstrations of procedures with explanations and clearing of doubts on one to one basis.

Interaction with the experienced and trained staff of IICSAM.

Candidates will have to write a multiple choice questionare before and after the completion of the training. Assessment grades will be provided for the benefit of the trainee.

Smart Classes ® and Advanced ARS (Automated Response System) will be used for more interactive sessions

Upon successful completion the technician will be presented with a certificate acknowledging their training.

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